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Today I would like to draw your attention to the following news:

A. Articles, Published in FQS in March 2012
B. Conferences and Workshops
C. Links
D. Open Access News

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*** Editorial

Jo Reichertz (Germany): Anne Honer's "Ethnographic Life-World Analysis":
An Obituary for a Friend and Colleague

*** Single Contributions

Juergen Budde (Germany): Speaking about Diversity in School Pedagogics:
Discourse Analytical Perspectives

Barry Cooper, Judith Glaesser (UK): Qualitative Work and the Testing and
Development of Theory: Lessons from a Study Combining Cross-Case and
Within-Case Analysis via Ragin's QCA

Erika Goble, Wendy Austin, Denise Larsen, Linda Kreitzer, E. Sharon
Brintnell (Canada): Habits of Mind and the Split-Mind Effect: When
Computer-Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis Software is Used in
Phenomenological Research

Darren Langdridge, Meg Barker, Paula Reavey, Paul Stenner (UK): Becoming
a Subject: A Memory Work Study of the Experience of Romantic Jealousy

*** FQS Conferences

Marian Guenzel, Benjamin Fehling, Christian Pietzek, Andreas Womelsdorf,
Sebastian Voelker (Germany): Conference Report: Diskurs und Raum.
Humangeografische Sommerschule

*** FQS Debate: Teaching and Learning Qualitative Methods

Kathia Esperanza Serrano-Velarde, Nicole Boegelein (Germany): Teaching
Qualitative Methods in the Age of Bologna. A New Didactic Approach for
the Social Sciences

*** FQS Reviews

Niklas Alexander Chimirri (Denmark): Review: Michalis Kontopodis & Joerg
Niewoehner (Eds.) (2010). Das Selbst als Netzwerk. Zum Einsatz von
Koerpern und Dingen im Alltag [The Self as Network: On Everyday Uses of
Bodies and Things]

Stephan Humer (Germany): Nils Zurawski (Ed.) (2011). Ueberwachungspraxen
– Praktiken der Ueberwachung [Surveillance Practices—Practices of

Jan Kruse (Germany), Kay Biesel (Switzerland), Christian Schmieder
(USA): A Response to: Schmitt, Rudolf (2011). Review Essay:
Rekonstruktive und andere Metaphernanalysen [Review Essay:
Reconstructive and Other Approaches to Metaphor Analysis]

Dirk vom Lehn (UK): Review: Reiner Keller & Michael Meuser (Eds.).
Koerperwissen [Knowledge of the Body]

Lisa Pfahl, Johanna Hess (Germany): Review: Hanna Meißner (2010).
Jenseits des autonomen Subjekts. Zur gesellschaftlichen Konstitution von
Handlungsfaehigkeit [Beyond Human Autonomy. The Social Constitution of
Agency Based on Butler, Foucault and Marx]

Larissa Schindler (Germany): Review: Julia Reuter (2011). Geschlecht und
Koerper: Studien zur Materialitaet und Inszenierung gesellschaftlicher
Wirklichkeit [Gender and Body: Studies on Materiality and Enactment of
Social Reality]


26-27 April, Colchester, UK
Woekshop "Looking After and Managing Your Research Data"

8-9 May, Colchester, UK
Workshop "Secondary Analysis of Qualitative Data"

28-30 June, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan, Italy
Second Global Congress for Qualitative Health Research

5-6 July, Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Conference "Conflict, Cooperation and Transformation in Everyday Life"

30 July - 3August 3, Chapel Hill, North Carolina USA
9th Annual Qualitative Research Summer Intensive

16-18 August, Denver, CO, USA
2012 Annual Meeting, Society for the Study of Symbolic Interaction

18-20 October, Alpbach, Tyrol, Austria
Conference "Eating Disorders Alpbach 2012". Anorexia & Bulimia Nervosa,
Binge Eating Disorder, Adipositas/Obesity -- The 20th International

7-9 December, Regent's College London, UK
International Conference "Turkish Migration in Europe: Projecting the
Next 50 Years"

18 -19 January 2013, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale,
Florida, USA
The Qualitative Report Fourth Annual Conference "Qualitative Research
and Technology"


Open Source Software:
-- Open Code 3.6,
-- Weft QDA,

Sarah Elsie Baker: How Many Qualitative Interviews Is Enough?

Dave Harris and Colleagues: Free Teaching Materials on: Adorno,
Althusser, Baudrillard, Bond, Bourdieu, crime and deviancy, class,
critical theory, culture, Deleuze, Disney, Durkheim, distance education,

Call for Authors: ENAR Book Publication on "People of African descent in
Europe and Black Europeans"


March Issue of the SPARC Open Access Newsletter

The Cost of Knowledge

Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB)

COAR Newsletter, March 2012

Open Access Policy of the Austrian Science Fund (FWF): Free Research
Needs Free Circulation of Ideas

Office of Science and Technology Policy, White House Blogs: Comments on
Public Access to Peer-Reviewed Scholarly Publications / Public Access to
Digital Data Resulting From Federally Funded Scientific Research

Enhanced Publications now possible with Open Journal Systems

---> Texts

Julianne Pepitone: Encyclopedia Britannica to stop printing books, CNNMoney

David J Solomon, Bo‐Christer Bjoerk: A Study of Open Access Journals
Using Article Processing Charges

---> Conferences/Workshops

24-26 April, Bielefeld, Germany
10th International Bielefeld Conference 2012: "Shaping Future

18-19 May, Belgrad, Serbia
Fifth Belgrade International Open Access Conference 2012

29 May, Brussels, Belgium
PEER End of Project Conference

29 June - 1 July 2012, Berlin
Wikipedia Academy: Research and Free Knowledge

29-30 November, Rome, Italy
Fourteenth International Conference on Grey Literature "Tracking
Innovation through Grey Literature"

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Directory of Open Access Journals

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